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What is Therapy?

Therapy is a treatment in which you meet with a licensed Chicago counselor to resolve issues, improve behaviors, analyze feelings, work through relationship struggles and let go of painful triggers. Also known as psychotherapy, therapy aims to relieve emotional distress or improve mental health struggles. 

There are a variety of trained professionals who are able to provide therapy sessions. Social workers, psychologists and licensed counselors are all able to help you reach a goal of improving some aspect of your life through talk therapy. One-one-one therapy can be such a powerful treatment — one that has the ability to remove you from toxic environments, free you from negative thoughts and offer you new routines, tools and possibilities for a healthier life.

What Role Does Therapy Play in My Recovery with a Chicago Therapist?

With addiction, there is more than just the physical dependence you are battling. Alongside the addiction from substance abuse, you may be suffering from mental health issues or any variety of disorders. So, in addition to impacting you physically, there is the psychological element, as well. Triggers may leave you with an urge for your unhealthy habit. 

Counseling with one of our expert Chicago therapists can help you to understand and fight those triggers and find peacefulness, hope and success in your recovery. Therapy sessions at CRC can also help to treat mental health conditions, which often play a role in substance abuse. Whatever your challenges may be, our team of professional clinicians can help you manage life’s stressors, avoid certain cues and people, and escape cravings by learning to manage your triggers.

The road to recovery can be a long and challenging one. There are many steps to the process, but one element that is often considered to be the most critical is therapy. There are different kinds of therapy: group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy. All of them play a valuable role in your recovery. At different stages in your recovery process at Chicago Rehab Chicago, you may benefit more from one type of therapy than another. 

For example, in the beginning, you may want more individualized therapy if you are not ready to open up around others yet or if you have some personal mental struggles that need to be addressed. No matter what kind of therapy you are trying, the goal is the same: to help you heal, better understand yourself, and gain tools for handling challenges. Specifically, with one-on-one therapy, you can really delve into your personal issues, psychological health, struggles, addictions, and triggers. By committing to therapy with our Chicago specialists, you are also committing to optimizing your well-being.

What are the Benefits of Individualized Therapy with Chicago Counselors at CRC?

At Chicago Rehab Center, we meet you where you are at. We take a holistic approach to healing and always consider what treatment is best for you. Once our expert team determines the frequency and type of therapy that would be best for you, you can begin meeting with one of our trusted clinicians. 

Together, you will build a rapport and trust so that you can feel safe to share in ways that you may not be comfortable doing during group or family therapy. Something happens in one-on-one therapy sessions that is unique: You can be completely honest without ever feeling like you are being judged. It is the most confidential form of therapy where you can let go of your shame, your trauma, and any insecurities you may have. 

Our top Chicago counseling team helps you to address psychological issues that have possibly been buried for years and may be affecting all areas of your life. This is where true and lasting change can occur. Whether you want to improve your mental health or are battling drug or alcohol addiction, our Chicago counselors and top specialists are here to help you every step of the way.

There are so many additional benefits of one-on-one therapy with one of CRC’s licensed clinicians. Many of the benefits of counseling can be life-changing, including:

  • Adopting healthy coping skills
  • Improving relationships
  • Addressing topics that have gone unaddressed
  • Processing issues you were previously afraid to share
  • Encouraging open, honest dialogue
  • Understanding drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental disorders
  • Identifying stressors in your life
  • Working through past traumas
  • Letting go of bad habits and patterns
  • Helping you to navigate day-to-day life

How Often Should I See My Chicago Therapist?

The goal at Chicago Rehab Center is to fill your day with healing. As we help you to remove yourself from toxic environments, we offer a variety of techniques to help you achieve your goals of overall well-being. As you incorporate therapy and counseling on your road to recovery, our team of experts and therapists will help you determine the optimal frequency of therapy sessions for you. Our goal is to make sure that you have access to the amount of therapy that is necessary for your success. 

Some people go once a week for a few months while others may go twice a week for a shorter or longer period of time. There is no set time frame or frequency for talk therapy. It will depend on your needs, your progress, and the connection of trust that you create with your Chicago therapist.

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Why Choose CRC Treatment Center for Individualized Therapy and Counseling in Chicago

At Chicago Rehab Center, we are going to meet you where you are at. We believe that in order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change — everything. This journey towards health and wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago are:

Our board-certified and licensed medical team goes to extraordinary lengths to fully and comprehensively evaluate all of your concerns, needs, medical history, and specific goals for treatment. Our unique combination of therapy, treatment clinical modalities, and outpatient programs have consistently proven to help you overcome and heal from substance abuse for a successful long-term recovery.

About CRC Treatment Center in Chicago

Chicago Rehab Center is home to the industry’s most stimulating and successful programming for an evidence-based personalized approach to substance abuse treatment and health optimization that facilitates whole-person healing. Our treatment and wellness team consists of the best doctors, clinicians, and holistic practitioners in their field.

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Individual Therapy Chicago: Frequently Asked Questions

In your first appointment, your reasons for seeking therapy are discussed as you meet one on one with your therapist. While your therapist listens to you, he or she will also usually be asking questions about your history and your current mental and physical health. At CRC, our team of trained professionals hopes to help you improve an area of your life through talk therapy. After your first individual therapy Chicago session, you may decide to participate in family or group therapy, as well.

When you decide that you are ready for therapy in Chicago at CRC Institute, you are committing to optimizing your health, promoting your healing, and ridding yourself of patterns that no longer serve you. Counseling with one of our therapists in Chicago can help you on your road to recovery, as well. At CRC in Chicago, our team of trained therapists wants to help you to break unhealthy patterns as they aim to fill your days with healing. 

Anyone who may be traveling on an unhealthy or unsustainable path might benefit from working with a Chicago therapist at CRC Institute. When engaged in therapy, you have the ability to learn new coping methods, to make better choices, and to apply new remedies to various situations. Any individual who is looking to optimize his or her health may be a candidate for therapy in Chicago.

Your Chicago therapy appointments would take place in a therapist’s office, group therapy room, remotely (teleconference) with a group or your family, or even outside on our beautiful Chicago terrace. There is not one set place where you will meet with a therapist. There are different options, both individual and group, and we want to make sure that we find the right fit and the right combination of sessions for you.

Once you decide to enroll in therapy Chicago at CRC Institute, you might feel a sense of relief, knowing that you have chosen to travel on a path of healing. But, for many, the results can take a lot of time. Therapy is a commitment -- a commitment to being vulnerable, honest, and willing to make difficult changes in your life. It may initially feel painful to address challenges in your life with a Chicago therapist at CRC, but many have experienced long-term results that have altered their lives significantly. It is a process, and it can be a great step in the direction of optimizing your health.