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young woman struggling from a sleeping pill addiction in Chicago where she seeks help from CRC Institute for sleeping pill addiction help Addiction

The Facts About Sleeping Pill Addiction

When you think about the number of hours in a day and how many of …

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a patient at Chicago Rehab Center receiving depression treatment in Chicago as they battle a mental health disorder Mental Health

Depression Treatment in Chicago

Depression, a very common medical illness in children and adults, can lead to various emotional and physical problems if not treated properly.

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cognitive behavioral therapy at Chicago Rehab Center Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Chicago

Finding a therapist can be intimidating enough, but it is even more overwhelming as you …

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Chicago Rehab Center offers anxiety therapy in chiago Treatments

Beginners Guide: Anxiety Therapy Chicago

For those of you who don’t know, anxiety is your body’s natural response to not …

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IOT Chicago (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) Guide Treatments

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Chicago

There’s a strong connection between substance abuse and mental illness. Usually, an underlying psychological condition …

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teen suicide prevention is a top priority at Chicago Rehab Center Mental Health

Teen Suicide Prevention

How to Prevent Suicide During Covid-19? COVID-19 has inflicted severe damage on America’s collective mental …

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the increase in drug addiction cases had a direct relationship with COVID-19 and CRC Institute is here to provide the addiction treatment resources to those battling substance abuse in Chicago Addiction

Drug Addiction Help During COVID-19

How To Find Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help During Covid-19? Because of the inappropriate stigma …

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mental health cases have become more prevalent due to COVID-19 and CRC is here provide mental health resources Mental Health

Mental Health During COVID-19

How To Manage Your Mental Health During The Pandemic?  The rate of depression, anxiety, and …

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Chicago Rehab Center offers help and resources for those seeking freedom from alcohol dependency Addiction

Alcohol Dependency During COVID-19

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Nation’s Alcohol Dependency? “I wish I bought beer stocks,” has …

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COVID-19 has a direct relationship with the increase in mental health disorders Mental Health

COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis

How Has COVID-19 Created A Mental Health Crisis? The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not just …

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Evidence Based Addiction Treatment at Chicago Rehab Center Treatments

Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

What Is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment? Evidence-based treatment (EBT) is yet another facet of the rehabilitation, …

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young man upset on the beach as he battling co-occurring disorders and seeks treatment from Chicago rehab Center Treatments

Co-Occurring Disorders

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?  Co-occurring disorders are both intuitive and complex. A co-occurring disorder is …

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