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cognitive behavioral therapy at Chicago Rehab Center Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Chicago

Finding a therapist can be intimidating enough, but it is even more overwhelming as you come across many unfamiliar acronyms written after their name. One …

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Chicago Rehab Center offers anxiety therapy in chiago Treatments

Beginners Guide: Anxiety Therapy Chicago

For those of you who don’t know, anxiety is your body’s natural response to not coping with stress. It is a feeling of apprehension or …

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IOT Chicago (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) Guide Treatments

IOT Chicago (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) Guide

There’s a strong connection between substance abuse and mental illness. Usually, an underlying psychological condition can lead individuals to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to …

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teen suicide prevention is a top priority at Chicago Rehab Center Mental Health

Teen Suicide Prevention

How to Prevent Suicide During Covid-19? COVID-19 has inflicted severe damage on America’s collective mental health. Young people are particularly hard hit. While many youths …

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the increase in drug addiction cases had a direct relationship with COVID-19 and CRC Institute is here to provide the addiction treatment resources to those battling substance abuse in Chicago Addiction

Drug Addiction Help During COVID-19

How To Find Drug Addiction Help During Covid-19? Because of the inappropriate stigma around drug dependency, users facing the COVID-19 crisis are in a uniquely …

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mental health cases have become more prevalent due to COVID-19 and CRC is here provide mental health resources Mental Health

Mental Health During COVID-19

How To Manage Your Mental Health During COVID-19?  The rate of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation among America’s youth was at epidemic proportions before COVID-19. …

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Chicago Rehab Center offers help and resources for those seeking freedom from alcohol dependency Addiction

Alcohol Dependency During COVID-19

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Nation’s Alcohol Dependency? “I wish I bought beer stocks,” has become an unfortunate joke during the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation …

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COVID-19 has a direct relationship with the increase in mental health disorders Mental Health

COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis

How Has COVID-19 Created A Mental Health Crisis? The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not just wreaking havoc on America’s physical health. The unique threat of …

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Evidence Based Addiction Treatment at Chicago Rehab Center Treatments

Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

What Is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment? Evidence-based treatment (EBT) is yet another facet of the rehabilitation, recovery, and medical worlds that means exactly what it sounds …

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young man upset on the beach as he battling co-occurring disorders and seeks treatment from Chicago rehab Center Treatments

Co-Occurring Disorders

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?  Co-occurring disorders are simultaneously intuitive and complex. A co-occurring disorder refers to either the substance abuse problem or depression of an …

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young man battling an eating disorder and seeks eating disorder treatment from Chicago Rehab Center Treatments

Eating Disorder Treatment

About Our Disordered Eating Programs Combating disordered eating is a lifelong challenge for both patients and families.  As with all of our programs at CRC, …

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young man vaping on the beach as he battles his vaping addiction Addiction

Vaping Addiction

How Can Vaping Addiction Be Treated? Vaping was once marketed as a risk-free alternative to smoking. This is, simply put, a falsehood. Aside from the …

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