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Offering PhD-led group therapy treatment options in Chicago

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy consists of a small number of group members who are going through a similar experience in a safe environment. These therapy groups are led by a trained group leader who is there to support groups while working on unique challenges, interpersonal relationships, skill building, and, overall, healthier lives. During this interpersonal process, individuals struggling with substance abuse or mental health challenges have the opportunity to share personal experiences as well as listen to others in the therapy group who may have similar issues and similar experiences.

It is normal to feel nervous during the first few group therapy sessions, but over time most people begin to feel comfortable opening up about themselves as they experience the benefit of hearing other clients with similar struggles and concerns. Of course, sharing amongst a particular group is always by choice, and individuals are only encouraged to attend and contribute to the group conversation when they feel comfortable.

Through group therapy, individuals can learn new things about themselves, gain insight into their relationships in life, experience the benefits of mutual support, and address feelings of anxiety and isolation. By sharing specific issues with the group to which many others can relate, clients often feel a sense of peace and connection among their support group.

At Chicago Rehab Center, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to substance abuse programs and recovery. By utilizing evidence-based clinical programming, we’ve designed programs like group therapy in Chicago that are tailored to the individual’s needs, goals, and desires throughout their recovery process.

Benefits of Group Therapy Chicago

While individual therapy and family therapy are important components of healing, group therapy also can provide support and offer multiple benefits to participants in their road to long-term recovery. As a participant in group psychotherapy, you can:

  • Learn new things about yourself
  • Create new patterns of thinking and self-talk
  • Adjust the way you relate the world
  • Learn effective coping skills in a group setting
  • Improve your mental health
  • Gain understanding about specific conflicts within your environment
  • Address feelings of depression and isolation
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Have a safe space to express emotions and personal concerns
  • Improve your quality of life in a supportive environment

Group Therapy Chicago with CRC

Our options for therapy groups in Chicago, enabling you to interact with other group members with similar situations and life goals, can help make the most of your time at CRC Institute. Combined with medical oversight and holistic and extended care practices or just on their own, our gender-specific group therapy in Chicago helps clients to process the difficulties of a new life in recovery as well as celebrate the successes with other members. By working within a structured group of individuals who are all trying to improve their daily life, their emotion regulation, and their interpersonal effectiveness, clients are able to adopt healthy, new behaviors and patterns. 

Our group therapy offerings include topics related to:

  • Early Recovery
  • Emotional Sobriety in Recovery
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for 12-Step
  • Advanced Relapse Prevention
  • DBT Skills Groups (weekly evening sessions)
  • Advanced DBT Practice
  • Recovery & Emotional Sobriety
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Disordered Eating
  • Nutrition
  • Family Coping Skills
  • Relationships and Sobriety
  • Being of Service

No matter what type of issues you or your loved one requires, CRC can create a unique and stimulating schedule for continued growth with support groups and Ph.D. oversight. Our group therapy team at CRC meets patients at whichever stage they are at in their recovery and also provides custom options for family therapy.

Group therapy sessions at CRC in Chicago are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or daily basis with a highly-trained therapist.

Other areas we service for group therapy include:

Chicago | Evanston | Northbrook | Winnetka | Arlington Heights | Hinsdale | Wilmette

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Female rehab patients at CRC's rehab center in Chicago participating in meditation in the meditation room which features dim lighting, warm tones and a big window that looks out to the city of Chicago.

CRC Institute: Group Therapy Chicago

At CRC, our goal is to create lasting changes towards recovery. We do not believe that you need to be “fixed.” We work with both patients and families to support a long-term continuum of care and a support group that lasts well after patients move on from our structured services and support.

Group Therapy Chicago: Modern Recovery Therapies for Substance Abuse

In addition to Chicago IOP treatment, clients receive a variety of evidence-based therapies customized to their needs:
The front desk reception area at CRC Institute's rehab center in Chicago is modern and elegant with black and copper tones, a big chandelier, and the CRC Institute logo displayed on the wall behind the copper desk.

Our goals at CRC are:

  • Help you heal your mind, body, and soul through a variety of effective treatments and therapies
  • Provide state-of-the-art care to help you during your healing process
  • Teach you tools to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy way
  • Help you to feel empowered and confident in your life
  • Help you gain awareness and insight into your specific triggers
  • Address any co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Treat not just yourself as an individual but also address your relationships with family members and loved ones
  • Offer you collaborative therapy during your recovery

Our medical and wellness teams provide patients with a truly singular experience through respect, kindness, and compassion that promotes ease and tranquility.

Begin Your Addiction Recovery

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Why Choose CRC Rehab in Chicago, IL for Group Therapy and More

In order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change – everything. This journey towards health and wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two components, our therapies at CRC in Chicago are:

Our Board-certified and licensed medical team goes to extraordinary lengths to fully and comprehensively evaluate all of our patients’ concerns, needs, medical history, and specific goals for treatment. Our unique combination of therapy, clinical modalities, and outpatient programs have consistently proven to help individuals overcome and heal from substance abuse for a successful long-term recovery.

About CRC Rehab Center in Chicago, IL

CRC Treatment Center in Chicago is home to the industry’s most stimulating and successful programming for an evidence-based personalized approach to substance abuse treatment and health optimization that facilitates whole-person healing. Our treatment and wellness team consists of the best doctors, clinicians, and holistic practitioners in their field.
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Chicago Group Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago group therapy and group counseling create a safe environment for individuals to share personal emotions and experiences that others in the group are also experiencing. Group therapy can create a sense of community, while also helping participants to gain new insight into themselves and how they engage in the world around them. Our evidence-based group therapy sessions have shown to be highly beneficial in aiding with long-term healing and recovery.
During group therapy and counseling, clients can expect to learn new things about themselves that contribute to a higher quality of life, create new patterns of thinking and self-talk, and learn effective coping skills. Clients also learn how to adjust the way they relate to the world and others and address feelings of depression, isolation, and anxiety.
Group therapy is successful when the participant shares personal experiences and emotions, and also listens to others in the group. Clients benefit the most from group therapy when they actively engage in the sessions. A Chicago therapist helps guide group therapy sessions and helps participants navigate the conversations that take place.
Group therapy can be highly beneficial for many individuals at different stages of their recovery and healing process. At CRC, we believe it is about finding the right group for your specific needs - one where you feel comfortable listening and eventually engaging in the conversation. Group therapy participation should never be forced.