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outpatient rehab for alcohol addiction in Chicago

Drinking has been a part of society for thousands of years. For many, it provides a social or recreational activity that does not pose a problem. For many others, however, alcohol addiction is a very real and troubling problem. For those individuals who believe that they need substance abuse treatment, there are many drug and alcohol addiction facilities that offer substance addiction programs so that a healthy lifestyle and lifelong recovery can be found.

In the Chicago metro area alone, there are so many alcohol treatment programs that will address alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and mental health disorders (also referred to as co-occurring disorders). Initially, you must decide if inpatient or outpatient treatment is necessary. Inpatient treatment means that you live in a residential facility while you engage in alcohol and drug treatment programs. However, this is usually only necessary in cases where the drug and alcohol addiction is more severe. For many people, addiction treatment at an outpatient drug rehab center is what is needed and what is most effective for their drug or alcohol addiction.

Many people avoid outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs because they do not believe that they have a problem in the first place. Yet, if you are questioning whether you need help with your drug and alcohol use, then you likely do need support from one of Chicago’s outpatient treatment programs. The good news is that substance abuse help is available in one of many drug and alcohol treatment centers around the Chicago area.

How Do I Know If I Need an Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Program?

It can often be challenging to tell the difference between being a recreational drinker and having an alcohol use disorder. Many people struggle with determining if they have an issue with substance abuse and if they need addiction treatment in the first place. You may not know for certain if you need help from an intensive outpatient treatment facility for your alcohol misuse. But, one way to determine if you are a candidate for outpatient treatment programs is to look for warning signs regarding your substance use. You will likely be able to tell if your alcohol use has become problematic and if intensive outpatient treatment is right for you if some of the following are true:

  • You are unable to control when or how much you drink
  • You binge drink by having five or more drinks in a sitting
  • You struggle to stop drinking or tried to stop on your own but could not
  • You experience uncontrollable cravings to drink
  • You often cope with emotions by drinking
  • You need to consume larger amounts of alcohol to experience the same effects
  • You hide alcohol in places at work, in your car, or in hidden places at home
  • You feel irritable if you cannot drink when you want to
  • You drink despite experiencing negative consequences in your life
  • You lie or hide your drinking habits
  • You experience symptoms when not drinking such as nausea, sweating, vomiting, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hand tremors

What Does Treatment Look Like at an Outpatient Rehab Facility?

Outpatient alcohol rehab involves meeting with therapists and participating in various modes of therapy (such as individual or group therapy sessions) while healing your mind and body along the way. It also may include detox programs, medication management, and many other components. From substance abuse treatment to mental health services, there are many options for improved health and long-term change.

You do not stay overnight as you would for drug and alcohol addiction treatment with inpatient programs at an inpatient rehab facility (also known as a residential treatment center), but rather you come for a determined amount of time, based on your specific needs. Outpatient services such as these may be the best option for people who do not need inpatient services or for those who are unable to join a residential program because of work, family, or other commitments.

While participating in outpatient alcohol rehab, individuals and families can receive the clinical support they need to address their drug and alcohol use disorders. With a personalized treatment plan at an outpatient drug rehab facility, each individual can get support services from medical professionals in Chicago IL. These services include a customizable treatment option that will address your specific needs, whether that means treatment for a dual diagnosis, medication management, medication-assisted treatment, partial hospitalization programs, or a variety of mental health services. 

What Services are Offered at Outpatient Rehab Centers in Chicago?

There are many different forms of outpatient addiction treatment available throughout the Chicago area. Usually, you will first receive a detailed assessment that considers your alcohol and drug history while a treatment team of professionals creates a customized mental health treatment plan that is right for you.

Whichever avenue of treatment you decide is right for you, remember that you are not your substance use disorder; you are not just a number; you are not someone who is broken. You are an individual who is capable of optimizing his or her health through addiction treatment, courage, strength, and devotion. And, luckily, throughout the Chicago area, there are many outpatient alcohol treatment programs that can help you strive toward a healthy lifestyle. 

The three types of treatment options that are often available at outpatient rehab facilities in the Chicago area are:

  1. Outpatient Program (OP) — usually meet one to two days a week for a couple of hours each day
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) — usually meet for about three days a week for a few hours each day 
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) — usually meets five days a week for most of the day

With the advice from experts, you will be able to choose whether an outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or a partial hospitalization program is the right form of treatment for your addiction recovery.

Why Choose CRC Treatment Center for Chicago Outpatient Rehab?

Some of you may be resistant to certain forms of Western medicine when it comes to alcohol misuse treatment in Chicago. That is why we offer you a variety of Eastern practices as well as traditional ones. These alternative options may be used in conjunction with or, at times, in place of more traditional treatment options. From group sessions, therapy with your family members, ongoing support groups, and an array of treatment options, CRC’s dedicated team is here for you. The bottom line is: At Chicago Rehab Center, we are going to meet you where you are at and determine a drug and alcohol rehab plan that is most effective for you.

After receiving an assessment that considers many factors including your alcohol or drug addiction, necessary mental health treatment, and history of substance use disorders, you will put together a plan in which you will be directly involved in every step of the process. At CRC, you will be focusing on breaking unhealthy routines and replacing them with a wide variety of activities that are geared toward your healing, sobriety, and happiness.

The many treatment options at CRC Institute are created to meet you where you are at. We believe that in order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change — everything. This journey towards mental health, physical health, and overall wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago are gender-specific, holistic, fully integrated, and focused on evidence-based treatment.

Ready to take the first step to treat alcohol addiction with outpatient alcohol rehab in Chicago?

Book an appointment today with the team at CRC Institute to see how many offerings, such as drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment, can help you on your journey toward long-term holistic health. 

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Dr. Beth Dunlap, a board-certified addiction medicine and family medicine physician, is the medical director at CRC Institute, where she is responsible for overseeing all the integrated medical services at the Institute. Beth completed medical school, residency, and fellowship at Northwestern University, where she continues to serve on the faculty as a member of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. She has extensive experience in addiction medicine at all levels of care, and her clinical interests include integrated primary care and addiction medicine, harm reduction, and medication-assisted treatment.

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