Alcohol Counseling Chicago

Alcohol Counseling Chicago

Alcohol Counseling Chicago

When you or someone you care about has an issue with alcohol use, you may not know where to turn. The journey to sobriety may look daunting. But, with counseling and support, your path to wellness may be closer than you think. There are many options available for alcohol counseling throughout Chicago. 

While searching for alcohol counseling Chicago can be an extremely stressful process, there are a variety of professionals available to help you heal. The key is to research, know your needs, and find the person with whom you click. The connections that are often formed with alcohol counselors can change your course, uncover underlying issues, and help you to travel on a healthier path.

What is Alcohol Counseling?

Alcohol counseling is a form of treatment wherein you work with professionals who have been trained specifically in dealing with alcohol use disorder. When you are engaged in a rehab or treatment program for alcohol use, you will often incorporate counseling into your overall treatment plan. An addiction counselor’s goals often include looking at one’s history, triggers, and responses to triggers. There are a variety of types of alcohol counseling services that professionals can use with you, depending on the severity of your substance use and related mental health concerns. Some of those various services include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Interventions

In addition to the different services that alcohol counseling provides, there are also different types of therapy. For example, you can work individually with your alcohol counselor or you may meet with a group of others who similarly are working on their alcohol use disorder. Each option has a different purpose and way in which it can impact someone’s journey toward sobriety. The key is to find the right type of therapy or the right combination of therapies that works for you.

The different alcohol counseling options available at CRC include:

  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Remote Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

How Do I Know If I Need to See an Alcohol Counselor?

There are many people who drink excessively yet do not have alcohol use disorder. As a matter of fact, according to the CDC, “about 90% of people who drink excessively would not be expected to meet the clinical diagnostic criteria for having a severe alcohol use disorder.” For many people, it is challenging to tell the difference between being a recreational drinker and having an alcohol use disorder and, thus, it is often hard to know if you need help from a certified alcohol treatment counselor in Chicago. However, there are some common signs that you can look for when trying to determine whether or not you need professional support in relation to your alcohol use. Some of these indicators include:

  • Being unable to control when or how much you drink
  • Having uncontrollable cravings to drink
  • Coping with emotions by drinking
  • Engaging in “binge drinking”  
  • Needing to consume larger amounts of alcohol to experience the same effects
  • Feelings of irritability if you cannot drink when you want to
  • Experiencing blackouts or periods of time when you cannot remember what you did
  • Being dishonest to others or hiding your drinking habits
  • Preferring to drink over engaging in other activities
  • Experiencing symptoms when you are unable to drink such as nausea, sweating, shaking, hallucinations, vomiting, anxiety, depression, insomnia

If you are experiencing some of the above reactions related to your alcohol use, then alcohol counseling Chicago may be right for you.

Can Alcohol Counseling Help My Addiction?

There have been many people whose road to sobriety was greatly impacted by the use of alcohol counseling. Alcohol counseling can be a very effective way to determine the issues related to alcohol use disorder and to provide one with tools to fight the urge to drink. While you are participating in an outpatient treatment program for alcohol use disorder, your treatment often includes meeting with therapists and participating in group, individual and/or family therapy. The clinical support that you receive during alcohol counseling Chicago can often provide the tools you need to heal and address issues that are often exacerbated by the need to self medicate.

Learn About CRC — Chicago’s Newest Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center

CRC Institute is a luxury outpatient rehab center in Chicago, Illinois that offers gender-specific counseling and treatments for those with alcohol use disorder. Chicago Rehab Center is an integrated center for healing that focuses on optimizing health rather than just focusing on the addiction or health concern at hand. With a team of expert doctors and clinicians, CRC is here to support you every step of the way on your journey toward sobriety and overall health. 

The primary objective of CRC Institute is to create long-lasting change, one step at a time. By looking at the way in which everything is connected, CRC’s team hopes that they can help you to break your unhealthy patterns and fill your day with healing. Alcohol counseling Chicago at CRC is designed to get to the root of your alcohol use. In addition, the aim is to help repair existing relationships, create accountability, and instill new principles to live by in the future. In addition to traditional forms of alcohol counseling, CRC also offers a variety of holistic practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, and acupuncture.

What are the Benefits of Alcohol Counseling at CRC?

Alcohol counseling at CRC offers one the opportunity to experience a variety of counseling services. The goal at CRC is to tailor the alcohol counseling services specifically for each person so that the magic can happen and real healing can begin. Some people respond well to group therapy, for example, while others work better independently with a certified alcohol counselor.

Whatever type of counseling you engage in, the potential benefits are great and include:

  • Saving your life
  • Understanding your past and its relationship to your drinking
  • Learning what your triggers are 
  • Gaining skills to overcome addiction
  • Providing a safe environment to heal
  • Receiving support from peers in group counseling sessions
  • Gaining a life-long continuum of care
  • Involving your family so they can support you

Why Choose CRC Treatment Center for Alcohol Counseling Chicago

Some of you may be resistant to certain forms of Western medicine as you travel along your path to sobriety. But, at Chicago Rehab Center, you have the option of engaging in a variety of Eastern practices as well as traditional ones. While you are engaged in alcohol counseling at CRC, your therapist may suggest that you try meditation or yoga, for example. These alternative options may be used in conjunction with or, at times, in place of more traditional treatment options. The bottom line is: At CRC in Chicago, we are going to meet you where you are at and determine a plan that is most effective for you while you are undergoing alcohol counseling.

We believe that in order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change — everything. This journey towards health and wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago are:


Treating you in groups by gender allows for safer healing environments and more comprehensive care. Offering gender-specific treatments is something very unique to our program at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago, and we take extra steps to create a supportive and empathetic culture. As a result, you receive a truly safe, respectful, and distraction-free environment.


Our holistic practitioners work with our doctors and psychiatrists to configure the most effective, evidence-based activities that support your individual needs. Our holistic programming adds an extra layer of treatment that is exclusive to CRC Treatment Center.


Our person-centered treatment, counseling, and therapies address you as a whole person enabling you to be treated in a specific, personalized way. By delving into all aspects of you, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you need to be your best, healthiest self.

Custom Medical Evaluation:

This medical evaluation is detailed and thorough as we believe in treating all of you in order to help you achieve your goals. When you begin treatment at CRC, we include a 360 palm print analysis, a fully comprehensive blood panel to determine any deficiencies, and a complete physical, nutritional, and wellness examination. Our board-certified and licensed medical team goes to extraordinary lengths to fully and comprehensively evaluate all of your concerns, needs, medical history, and specific goals for treatment.

Evidence-Based Clinical Approach to Treatment:

Our unique combination of therapy, treatment clinical modalities, and outpatient programs have consistently proven to help you overcome and heal from substance abuse for a successful long-term recovery.

For more information about alcohol counseling Chicago, call CRC Institute.

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Reviewed by Dr. Beth Dunlap

Dr. Beth Dunlap, a board-certified addiction medicine and family medicine physician, is the medical director at CRC Institute, where she is responsible for overseeing all the integrated medical services at the Institute. Beth completed medical school, residency, and fellowship at Northwestern University, where she continues to serve on the faculty as a member of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. She has extensive experience in addiction medicine at all levels of care, and her clinical interests include integrated primary care and addiction medicine, harm reduction, and medication-assisted treatment.

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