Eating Disorder Treatment

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About Our Disordered Eating Programs

Combating disordered eating is a lifelong challenge for both patients and families.  As with all of our programs at CRC, we aim to bring the latest evidence-based treatments and integrated medical approaches to each and every one of our patient’s struggles.  Sometimes disordered eating shows up alongside other behavioral health issues and sometimes it lives on its own.  By bringing our multi-faceted approach to eating issues, we create the same wrap around services to effectively treat both patients and families.  Using PHD clinicians and medical doctors to work in tandem on both the body and the mind helps our patients and families address the most pressing needs of disordered eating in real time with integrated medicine and wholistic approaches to treatment.

  • Gender-specific groups
  • PHD individual therapy
  • Nutrion counseling
  • Vitamin IV infusions
  • Peer supported coaching
  • Family Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Equine Therapy

All of the above suggested programming options can be tailored into specific schedules for our disordered eating clients and family.  Structure, guidance and education plus medical and clinical approaches help our clients to make the most of their time with CRC.

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