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If you or someone you care about has a substance use disorder, you may feel overwhelmed. Not only is the addiction likely taking a toll on your life and that of your family members and loved ones, but choosing the right addiction treatment programs and mental health treatment services can be quite daunting. There are so many places where you can turn for support on the road to recovery, and the options can seem endless. The important fact to remember is that you are not alone and that there are many addiction treatment centers that provide a variety of mental health services and substance abuse treatment. 

While you set out on your addiction recovery journey in Chicago, Illinois, there are various services that you may encounter along the way including: 

  • Drug Detox Services
  • Management of Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Medication Management
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment
  • Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling 
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Holistic Therapies (Acupuncture, Cupping)
  • Long-Term Support After Treatment 

With so many services and rehabilitation programs in the Chicago area alone, we are very proud to offer outpatient services at CRC — Chicago’s only luxury integrated center for healing. The team at CRC Institute, the newest rehab center in Chicago that recently opened in Lincoln Park, is here to help guide you on your path toward recovery. While there are a variety of rehab centers providing treatment services for substance use disorders in the Chicago metro area, what sets CRC apart is its evidence-based, gender-specific, whole-person approach to outpatient treatment programs for mental health, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. 

Recovery Services at CRC Institute in Chicago, IL 

There are many different forms of outpatient addiction treatment available at CRC Treatment Center. Our team of experts is available to provide a consultation to help determine the most effective form of addiction treatment. After a detailed assessment in which we take a holistic approach, we will create a plan for substance abuse treatment that is right for you. Here are the main three types of drug or alcohol addiction treatment options that are available:  

  1. Outpatient Program (OP) — meet one to two days a week for a couple of hours each day
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) — meet three days a week for a few hours each day 
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) — meet five days a week for most of each day

Whichever rehabilitation program is best for treating your addiction and you, you will see that it is aimed to treat all of you — not just the issues that you may have with substance abuse. At CRC Treatment Center in Chicago, the focus is on treating the whole person. We look at you as a unique individual, assess your needs, and then meet you where you are at. In addition to traditional forms of addiction treatment and mental health treatment programs, we also offer a variety of holistic practices as part of your personalized treatment plan. Some of these services include meditation and acupuncture. The addiction recovery program that you choose at CRC in Chicago is going to include a variety of activities (both traditional and modern) that can help you to optimize your health.

When you engage in addiction treatment at CRC Institute, the goal is to create long-lasting change, one step at a time. By looking at the way in which everything is connected, CRC’s team aims to help you break unhealthy patterns with drug and alcohol use and fill your day with healing. CRC’s Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to get to the root of your substance use by providing addiction treatment services that can help put you on a path to recovery. 

What Is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment? 

Whether someone needs inpatient or outpatient treatment for their addiction therapy will depend on the intensity of the addiction symptoms combined with a comprehensive history of substance abuse. There are many differences between the two types of addiction treatment. Most importantly, inpatient drug treatment, also known as residential treatment, requires you to stay at a drug rehab center full time. In this type of drug treatment, there is consistent medical support (including medication-assisted treatment and support services as needed) to help patients get on the road to recovery. Inpatient rehab is a significant adjustment, as you will need to live in and immediately change your daily routine dramatically.  

On the other hand, outpatient drug treatment is less restrictive. You still receive intensive treatments from experts, but you do not live in the facility. The addiction treatment team provides services to help you create a healthy lifestyle, all while you can remain living in your home and oftentimes even maintain your regular daily routine, including going to work and seeing family. Outpatient treatment is what CRC Institute offers, and it is a great option for those with a more mild addiction or for those who have an inability to step away from their lives to live in a residential facility. 

At CRC Institute, we understand that the process of entering treatment for substance addiction can be overwhelming and we are here to help make the transition into treatment as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Why Choose CRC Chicago Rehab for Your Intensive Outpatient Program? 

Some of you may be resistant to certain forms of Western medicine. CRC Chicago Rehab offers you a variety of modern practices and Eastern practices as well as traditional ones. These alternative options may be used in conjunction with or, at times, in place of more traditional addiction treatment options. At CRC Rehab Center in Chicago, we are going to assess your needs and then meet you where you are at to determine an effective drug and alcohol treatment plan that is created just for you with your sustainable recovery in mind.

We believe that in order to heal from drug and alcohol misuse and get on the path to recovery, one thing has to change — everything. The addiction treatment program that is right for you depends on various factors and looks different for everyone. But, the two elements of anyone’s individualized treatment plan for addiction that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago are:

Gender-Specific: Treating you in groups by gender allows for safer healing environments and more comprehensive care. Offering gender-specific support groups is something very unique to our program at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago, and we take extra steps to create a supportive and empathetic culture. As a result, you receive a truly safe, respectful, and distraction-free environment for your journey toward recovery.

Holistic: Our holistic practitioners work with our doctors and psychiatrists to configure the most effective, evidence-based activities that support your individual recovery needs. Our holistic programming adds an extra layer of addiction treatment that is exclusive to CRC Treatment Center.

Fully Integrated: Our person-centered drug and alcohol addiction treatment, counseling, mental health services, and therapies address you as a whole person enabling you to be treated in a specific, personalized way. By delving into all aspects of you, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you need to be your best, healthiest self.

Custom Medical Evaluation: This medical evaluation is detailed and thorough as we believe in treating all of you in order to help you achieve your goals. When you begin treatment at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago, our care team includes a 360 palm print analysis, a fully comprehensive blood panel to determine any deficiencies, and a complete physical, nutritional, and wellness examination. Our board-certified and licensed medical team goes to extraordinary lengths to fully and comprehensively evaluate all of your concerns, needs, medical history, and specific goals for treatment and recovery.

Evidence-Based Clinical Approach to Treatment: Our unique combination of therapy, treatment clinical modalities, and outpatient programs at our Chicago, Illinois center have consistently proven to have positive results in helping individuals overcome and heal from substance abuse for a successful long-term recovery.

Ready to look at your substance use disorder with CRC Chicago Rehab?

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