[title title=”What makes us different” title_uppercase=”no” custom_font_size=”55px” title_color=”#000000″ title_tag=”h1″ sub_title=”yes” sub_title_text=”At CRC, we don’t tell our patients what they need to do, how they need to live nor what they are doing wrong. Instead, we collaborate with our patients to discover what it is that they want for their lives. With gender-specific recovery options drawn from all four areas of behavioral health and combined into one comprehensive and individualized plan backed by the latest medical science and evidence-based modalities, our uniquely integrated system removes the confusion from treatment.” sub_title_color=”#000000″ sub_title_size=”25px” line=”no” animate=”yes” delay=”0.3s” sub_animate=”yes” sub_delay=”1s”]

Our Clinical Programming


Individuals work one-on-one with our PhD clinicians to collaborate on their recovery. Our PhDs lead groups and handle individual therapy.  This facilitates daily contact between staff and patients and fosters accurate clinical observations. The bespoke treatment plan, created by our PhDs and based on each patient’s initial medical intake, serves as the focal point for all aspects of recovery and is augmented by full wrap-around support from the entire CRC staff.


At CRC, we treat our individual clients with the CRAFT model.  This means engaging as many family members as possible in order to treat the entire family unit.  Having a loved one in treatment is incredibly stressful. That’s why we work to support self-care and recovery for our patients’ loved ones.


With day-in and day-out therapy, many patients find that they lose a degree of perspective on life.  Meeting people where they are and offering inspiring ways to connect and heal are as integral to our treatment process as medical tests and psychiatric care.


Some patients need extra support in their early recovery.  Generally, PHP programs occupy the majority of a patient’s day, five days of the week.  CRC allows our clients to experience stimulating programming and courses that both break up the monotony and help transfer new coping mechanisms into daily practice.
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Our Medical Services


In-house comprehensive medical care from our MD creates the platform for proper diagnosis and is the foundation for effective treatment.  Patients receive an individual detox protocol overseen by our on-site medial doctor who can answer questions and adjust treatment plans in real time.


At CRC our medical doctors and PHD’s have researched and studied all of the latest treatments for each individual issue.  Treating PTSD with the latest evidence-based science is paramount to helping our trauma patients overcome and thrive.


Many chronic pain patients can feel hopeless and suffer debilitating side-effects to living in constant pain.  At CRC, we work to identify the latest medical treatments for pain while also working on the repercussions in other areas of our patient’s lives.  Our Doctors, PHD’s and holistic practitioners provide resources to combat these negative side-effects while we work to diminish recurring and constant pain.


CRC works with Doctors and Specialists from around the world to offer our clients the most effective and latest medical science available to treat many complex conditions. Our Medical Director has extensive qualifications to diagnosis, consult, and oversee these cutting-edge treatment modalities.
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Our Holistic Services

In addition to our medical and clinical offerings, we offer Yoga, acupuncture, equine therapy, meditation, art and music therapy, nutrition and gardening.
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Our Extended Care Services

At CRC, we provide wrap-around services that support our patient’s long term goals. We offer the resources and team necessary to provide that continuing support…anywhere in the world.
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