Navigating your loved one’s recovery can be exhausting, stressful, and confusing.  The treatment industry has many different sectors, some regulated, some not-none of them work together and it can become a full-time job to manage all the different facets.  Using a case manager to bring all elements of one person’s recovery into synchronicity is key to many things: achieving cohesive results, managing an expected budget, and holding a healthy distance form being the CEO of someone else’s life who may or may not be making good decisions for themselves.

Loved one’s worried about family members or friends during the recovery process often hold on to life-altering stress that takes a back seat to the health and well-being of the person in recovery.  We at CRC work to create a healthy balance and a support network for everyone in recovery-including those working to help their struggling loved one.

Talk to one of our case managers today to learn how we can help you in and outside of our program to get peace of mind that nothing will fall through the cracks while you take a step back and work on your own well-being.