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Engage in holistic health with Wilmette meditation classes.

How can a Meditation Class Help me Navigate Recovery?

Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to be effective tools in improving your self-awareness and recovering from addiction. At Chicago Rehab Center, we understand that meditation can help you better name and manage your triggers, which aids in the compassionate transformation of recovery.

Meditating provides you with the opportunity to relax and search for balance in your life for a short time. While sitting on a mat in CRC’s Wilmette meditation studio, you can let go of your daily stress and struggles and just simply exist.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that encourages a person to relax and practice mindfulness through gentle, deep breaths. The technique of meditation has the ability to positively alter the alignment of your spirit and body.

Senior meditation students will have accepted their role on earth and have a strong sense of community through their regular practice. While beginners might find the school of meditation a challenge, the truth is anyone can benefit from meditation basics. Meditation will become more accessible with support and training.

What is the Goal of Meditation?

The goal of meditation is to be present and calm through focus on your breath. People often claim they can’t meditate, but there are no specific poses or mats required to meditate. Unlike pilates, tai chi, or yoga classes, meditation only requires you to be present in your space and breathe.

As you get used to the basics, you may even learn to quiet your brain and become aware of your body over time. This will help you achieve growing calm and peace. There are so many benefits to the deep relaxation of regular meditation practice, including:

  • Increased mental fitness
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Reducing symptoms of depression
  • Improving immune system health
  • Enhancing self-knowledge and impulse control

Other areas we offer meditation classes include:

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CRC Meditation Center for Wellness and More

Some of you may be resistant to certain forms of Western medicine. That is why we offer you a variety of Eastern practices, as well as traditional ones. These alternative options may be used in conjunction with or, at times, in place of more traditional treatment options. The bottom line is: At CRC Institute, we are going to meet you where you are at.

We believe that in order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change — everything. This journey towards health and wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center are:

Our board-certified and licensed medical team fully and comprehensively evaluate each patient’s medical history and specific goals for treatment. Our unique combination of mental health care has consistently proven to help a person overcome and heal from substance abuse for long-term rehabilitation. During treatment, we work with both patients and families to support lasting care that will sustain you for the healing journey ahead.

What Will Meditation Classes at CRC Look Like?

The goal at CRC is to fill your day with healing. As we help you to remove yourself from toxic environments, we offer a variety of techniques to help you achieve your goals of overall health and well-being, including meditation. 

You do not need an online connection or Zoom link to practice meditation at CRC. Our Wilmette meditation classes are led by certified instructors in an in-person group setting. They are held onsite in our relaxing studio near Wilmette. Once you sign up for a Wilmette meditation group, you may attend any of our unique workshops.

There is no specific vinyasa or flow to a meditation class. At the beginning of a session, one of our teachers may help guide their students to create an intention for your practice. In other classes, an instructor might offer you some imagery to help you focus on your breath. This is called visualization, and it can help you to direct the emotion of your meditative journey. But ultimately, the goal of meditation classes is to help you focus on your brain and body’s mutual needs.

If there is no class scheduled and you want to take a few minutes to breathe, our meditation studio near Wilmette is always available. CRC Institute is an integrated center for healing, and we want you to always feel welcome within our walls.

About CRC Treatment Center near Wilmette

CRC Treatment Center is home to the industry’s most stimulating and successful programming for an evidence-based personalized approach to substance abuse treatment and health optimization that facilitates whole-person healing. Our treatment and wellness team consists of the best doctors, clinicians, and holistic practitioners in their field.

The open seating area at CRC's rehab center in Chicago featuring a modern decor, big blue chairs, copper furniture, and plenty of greenery.

Meditation Center Wilmette: Frequently Asked Questions

Some people think that they have to turn off all of their thoughts to meditate. The goal is rather to become aware of the alignment of your thoughts and breath. Meditation at CRC is taught by our certified meditation guides and is a great practice that can help optimize your overall health when used in conjunction with other holistic practices, such as basic yoga, massage, or acupuncture.

Usually, it is recommended that a beginner starts with 5 or 10 minutes of meditation and works up to 30 minutes of intense focus. However, meditation should be a free exercise that can aid you outside of classes. Over time, it will help you search for a better sense of self so you can navigate your thoughts at any time in the future.

At CRC, there are no correct poses for meditation. Our certified meditation teachers will encourage students to get comfortable by either sitting on a mat, kneeling on a cushion, or even laying down on a blanket on the floor. The key is to find a position that helps you experience deep relaxation while remaining interested and awake.

A meditation class at CRC near Wilmette may help you deal with stress, anxiety, or pain management associated with addiction. If you are interested in learning the benefits of a Wilmette meditation studio and community, one of our experts is happy to offer you more info.