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Environment is An Important Part of The Healing Process

CRC is committed to altering the recovery industry forever.  To catalyze these changes, we revolutionized the setting for our services.  Generally, IOP and PHP locations are stale. They feel like medical offices or classroom environments. Patients who commit to 6 week programs rarely–if ever–get sunlight and fresh air.  Nor do they have the opportunity to unwind between sessions without leaving the facility or venturing into the surrounding neighborhood.

At CRC Institute’s Lincoln Park location, patients enjoy access to both a thriving neighborhood and relaxing areas inside the center.  Built in one of the newest developments in the area and featuring green spaces and healthy food options on-site, CRC offers an unparalleled setting for each patient to follow their unique treatment plan. 

Patients seeking long-term recovery achieve their highest likelihood for success after one full year of sustained recovery.  Ensuring that this necessary recovery time is spent in ways that are as appealing, stimulating and healing as possible is part of what makes CRC so effective.

Little more about us

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[counter number=”2000″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”Square feet of incredible Outdoor Patio Space” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]
[counter number=”06″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”Private IV Stations” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]
[counter number=”15″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”Unique Private and Group Spaces” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

–Jim Rohn, Architect

Schedule an Assessment

The CRC Institute invites patients and families to schedule an in-person assessment as we open in the Fall of 2020.

We value our patients’ and visiting guests’ privacy just as much as we value our commitment to a pristine healing environment.  Please contact us so we can provide convenient dates and times.

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