Integrated Programming

Combining Medical, Clinical and Holistic Modalities

What is Integrated Programming?

Scientific and medical communities across the globe are focusing their efforts on Integrated Medicine. This “whole person” approach to treatment combines medical, clinical and holistic wellness practices to treat complex disorders. Northwestern Integrative Medicine, Harvard Medical School, The Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic have all begun to provide Integrative Medicine to their patients and in their clinical studies.

CRC’s unique approach is based on the combination of medical, clinical, integrative and extended care modalities deployed by these leading medical institutions. As a private group practice consisting of licensed doctors, PhD clinicians, and Integrative healing practitioners who specialize in treating substance abuse, mental illness, and compulsive behaviors, CRC uses the most comprehensive evidence-based and specialized treatments. Having been subjected to rigorous scientific review and clinical trials, our medical, clinical and Integrative protocols are considered “best practices” by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association.

CRC’s approach to programming is gender specific. In our experience, this approach facilitates a deeper connection with our client’s treatment team and eliminates the distractions that can accompany mixed treatment. Our core value is to treat every client and their family with the utmost compassion and respect.

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Most recovery plans require different areas of treatment, provided by different providers with different levels of experience.  CRC, on the other hand, hires deeply experienced professionals from all evidence-based treatment areas to discuss client’s treatment plans daily.


Patients need easy access to medical records.  Treating physicians must observe patients in real time…more than once every few months.  While our doctors do not replace your Primary Care Physician, they streamline the process for testing and results and provide daily insight to the entire care team.


Our team of licensed clinicians have the level of education, training and expertise necessary to offer our patients the best treatments available.  Just like our MDs, these seasoned therapists understand issues as they develop. They use their daily contact with patients and other staff members to deliver the highest level of care.


We provide healing practices like meditation, yoga and acupuncture on site.  This allows our patients to connect with their bodies while their minds heal.  Our treatment plans are characterized by productive days filled with opportunities to connect, create, move, and learn.


Not all healing can take place in the safe confines of the treatment center.  For effective changes to take hold in the home, office, or outside world, there must to be a bridge that allows patients to cross over into their new realities and turn concepts into action. Having a coach, case manager or companion provides the 24/7 care and support required for a patient to make meaningful strides back towards a new and normal life.


CRC Institute is nestled within one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago.

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