Yoga Classes in Chicago at CRC Institute

With the option of yoga classes, our integrated center for healing takes a uniquely individualized approach to whole-person health.

Yoga Classes in Chicago at CRC Institute

With the option of yoga classes, our integrated center for healing takes a uniquely individualized approach to whole-person health.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind and body practice that has been around for thousands of years. Originating in India, yoga has seen great popularity in the United States in recent decades. The practice involves movement, meditation and breathing techniques which aid in improving your overall health and well-being. A regular yoga practice can aid in your flexibility, strength, and overall sense of peace and relaxation.

How Can Yoga Classes Impact My Recovery?

Used in combination with other therapies, and even when practiced on its own, yoga can be effective in helping with your recovery. The concept of yoga is to connect your mind, body and spirit through movement, through breathing and through awareness. As you practice, you become more centered with yourself. While participating in yoga classes in Chicago at CRC, you are part of an environment where you are supported and encouraged to simply be where you are at. With that experience of acceptance and growth, you gain a tool that you can use throughout your recovery and throughout your life: the ability to feel grounded or even, more simply, the tool to slow down and breathe.

What is the Goal of Yoga at CRC?

At CRC, we meet you where you are at. We take a holistic approach to healing and always consider what treatment is best for you. Maybe you have had a negative experience with some Western medicine and need to incorporate some Eastern practices into your recovery. We want to ensure that we are optimizing your health by supplementing your recovery with all of the best available techniques. Our goal at CRC in Chicago is to find what works best for you — to hear, see and understand you so that we can offer you the most effective techniques for your recovery. This is about your healing, and your road to recovery is unique to you alone.

Yoga specifically focuses on the connection of the mind, body and spirit — a concept that is a big part of who we are at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago. We strive to treat the whole patient on every level. Yoga, similarly, focuses on the whole-body approach to healing.

Some of the benefits we hope you experience after attending yoga classes in Chicago at CRC include:

  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Regulate stress hormones
  • Alter your consciousness to a peaceful state
  • Improve sleep
  • Release toxins
  • Improve heart health
  • Aid in detox process
  • Build muscle strength
  • Provide a sense of calm

What Will Yoga Classes at CRC Look Like?

The goal at CRC in Chicago is to fill your day with healing. As we help you to remove yourself from toxic environments, we offer a variety of techniques to help you achieve your goals of overall well-being. Our beautiful yoga and meditation studio in Chicago is an oasis of calm and serenity. You can join a class when it is available if you are feeling the need to stretch, breathe and just be. We will have certified yoga instructors who will make sure that you are comfortable, even if this will be your first experience with yoga. At our integrated center for healing, there are no labels or stigmas. CRC is about inclusion, healing and connection. So, there is no pressure when you walk into our yoga studio in Chicago or anywhere at our center. Just be where you are at. All you have to do is be willing and open to filling your day with healing.

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Why Choose CRC Treatment Center in Chicago

Some of you may be resistant to certain forms of Western medicine. That is why we offer you a variety of Eastern practices as well as traditional ones. These alternative options may be used in conjunction with or, at times, in place of more traditional treatment options. The bottom line is: At CRC in Chicago, we are going to meet you where you are at.

We believe that in order to heal from a chronic condition, one thing has to change — everything. This journey towards health and wellness is different for every individual, but the two elements that are always involved include connection and magic. In order to achieve these two treatment components, our therapies at CRC Treatment Center in Chicago are:

Our Board-certified and licensed medical team goes to extraordinary lengths to fully and comprehensively evaluate all of our patients’ concerns, needs, medical history, and specific goals for treatment. Our unique combination of therapy, clinical modalities, and outpatient programs have consistently proven to help individuals overcome and heal from substance abuse for a successful long-term recovery.

About CRC Treatment Center in Chicago

CRC Treatment Center in Chicago is home to the industry’s most stimulating and successful programming for an evidence-based personalized approach to substance abuse treatment and health optimization that facilitates whole-person healing. Our treatment and wellness team consists of the best doctors, clinicians, and holistic practitioners in their field.
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