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What is Extended Care?

Extended Care encapsulates the services that we offer outside of our center. The medical and clinical communities are united in their agreement that the first year of one’s recovery is a critical and fragile time. At CRC, we provide wrap-around services that meet our clients wherever they are in order to support their long term goals. We have the resources and team to provide that continued support anywhere in the world.



CRC has the ability to conduct interventions anywhere in the world. Instead of shaming patients, our Interventionists specialize in non-confrontational, life-saving techniques.


Our Team offers individual tutoring sessions for those who are attending school while in treatment. Additional academic support during treatment can be extremely helpful towards mitigating the additional stress of maintaining good academic standing.

Career Planning

Not only do we specialize in treating our patients clinical and medical needs, but we stay by their sides for their next-steps beyond treatment. Our career planning services assist our patients in finding their callings and career paths.

Community Service

Being connected with and involved in the community is essential for building and maintaining self-esteem. Often, doing the smallest thing to help another person within our community can lead to the most incredible experiences and foster lifetime-lasting relationships.
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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

–Hellen Keller, Icon

Long term goals lead to long term relationships!

At CRC, we don’t focus on “fixing a broken thing.”  Instead, we focus on creating lasting changes. We work with our patients and their families to support a long-term continuum of care that lasts well after patients move on from our structured services. Many of our former patients and their families ask how to give back to other families who are struggling with similar situations. The frequency of this sentiment provided the catalyst for the CRC Alumni Give Back. Many families who have received our services enthusiastically offer to give their time, support and understanding to families who are just beginning to engage with the recovery process.

Welcome to the CRC family. Together we can do anything!

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