Drug and Alcohol Treatment

changing lives at CRC

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Our Drug and Alcohol treatment programs combine the best possible evidence-based science currently available with other holistic and extended care practices to create programming as unique and individual as our clients.  Our programming is not confined to the treatment center as we create wrap-around treatment options that specialize in our patient’s needs.

Rarely does an outpatient program have access to all the programming possibilities of inpatient treatment.  With medical doctors and PHD level therapist, our patients can access the best possible team while still being in the comfort of their home environment and surrounded by supportive loved ones. Bringing extended care and holistic options on-site allows for unique and stimulating programming to break up the daily group and individual therapy sessions. Providing the highest level of care with the most combinations of treatment protocols is what makes CRC different from any other treatment center.

During the course of a patient’s struggle with drugs and alcohol, there can be many stages and triggers that can create unique and difficult situations.  What one patient needs at detox isn’t what another patient will need at 6 months of sobriety.  Streamlining these phases and allowing for them to be interchangeable is one of the core foundations of CRC’s practice.  With medical doctors and PHDs overseeing our patient’s progress and holistic and extended care team members available as much as needed, our families and participants can take a deep breath knowing that we have an answer for the many faces of addiction.

  • Medical Detox
  • Gender-Specific Groups
  • Drug Testing
  • PHD individual therapy
  • Medical bloodwork
  • Vitamin IVs
  • Pharmaceutical oversight
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Massage

All the things you would expect to receive miles away at a destination treatment center for a minimum of 28 days are all right here in the heart of Lincoln Park.  With close access to families, jobs, friends, and school–our patients thrive in treatment and progress faster without having to overcome the bubble of inpatient care and what their lives look like once they’ve left it.  Our wrap-around treatment protocols can handle each phase of recovery for both patients and families.  Our team can continue to see patients even if their families have stopped and vice versa.  Bringing medical science, innovative care and new options to outpatient treatment is what drives CRC to be able to offer the best possible chance for our patients and families to combat the number one killer of Americans under 40.