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Number of Americans Struggling With:

[counter number=”74,400,000″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”A mental illness” text_font_size=”36″ border=”no”]
[counter number=”14,880,000″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”A serious mental illness” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]
[counter number=”19,700,000″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”Substance Abuse Disorder” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]
[counter number=”8,500,000″ number_font_size=”70″ text=”Co-Occurring Disorder” text_font_size=”36″ icon=”no” border=”no”]

Evidence-Based Programming

QUESTION: What is an evidence-based practice (EBP)?

ANSWER: Any practice that relies on scientific and mathematical evidence to form strong inductive or deductive arguments for guidance and decision-making. Practices that are not evidence-based may rely on tradition, intuition, or other unproven methods.

Our clinicians specialize in various modalities including MET, MI, DBT & CBT, all evidence-based modalities This means that we are using the latest data and information available that proves our modalities are effective at treating our patients specific issues.


Our clinicians specialize in various modalities including MET, MI, DBT & CBT



Unique and exceptional programming.


Full time programming for patients who need more support.

Individual Therapy

Our PHP’s are available for weekly, bi-weekly, or daily sessions.

Family Therapy

The CRC Institute clinical model of treating the whole family is the foundation of our patients’ success.

Gender Specific

Treating patients in group by gender allows for safer healing environments and more comprehensive care.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Our team specializes in the combination of substance abuse disorders and mental health diagnoses.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

–David Richo, Therapist and Author

Let us know how our team of Medical, Clinical and Holistic practitioners can work with you or your loved one.

Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need.


All calls to CRC Institute are confidential.  Call us to make an appointment for an intake, an evaluation, to take a  tour, to meet with a clinician, or to discover our amazing staff.

We are always here as a part of your community to offer guidance.  Even if we aren’t the right program, we’ll take the time to connect you with options.

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