Mental Health

teen suicide prevention is a top priority at Chicago Rehab Center

Teen Suicide Prevention

How to Prevent Suicide During Covid-19? COVID-19 has inflicted severe damage on America’s collective mental health. Young people are particularly hard hit. While many youths find themselves on a spectrum of anxiety and depression, there is a concerning subset of young adults who are prone to self-harm.  The prevalence of youthful self-harm (and self-harmful ideation) …

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COVID-19 has a direct relationship with the increase in mental health disorders

COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis

How Has COVID-19 Created A Mental Health Crisis? The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not just wreaking havoc on America’s physical health. The unique threat of the virus, plus the isolation of lockdown and uncertainty of the future all have contributed to the unprecedented mental health crisis taking hold in America. Particularly—and unfortunately—amongst our nation’s young …

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vitamins can have a direct effect on mental health and the brains performance

Vitamins For Mental Health

How Can Vitamins Benefit My Mental Health? Vitamins are often portrayed as a quasi-medicinal afterthought. Vitamins, however, are crucial pieces of equipment for our body’s natural processes. Vitamin deficiency can cause everything from Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome to malaise and depression. Those suffering from alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders are at a higher risk for nutritional …

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young woman at Chicago Rehab Center seeking help for her mental health disorder

Youth Mental Health

The Rise In Youth Mental Health Diagnoses. The kids aren’t alright. Children today are growing up in a world that would look intense and strange to the children of older generations.  Today’s youth faces a grown-up world with deeply adult problems.  Sadly–but not entirely unsurprisingly–over the past decade, the diagnoses of mental health disorders amongst …

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