Our Team


Matthew Blondell

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Matthew is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CRC Institute. The vision that Matthew has had for CRC is to address substance and mental health issues while also involving the family in the process of treatment. By employing the best clinicians and doctors and focusing on regenerative medicine, Matthew guides his team at CRC to treat the whole person in an individualized matter.

This vision of Matthew’s began more than 15 years ago when he was consulting for entertainment companies, private family offices, and touring musicians who were dealing with addiction and co-occurring disorders. He determined, after gaining first-hand experience, that the treatment model was flawed and needed to change. He funded CRC Institute in New York City, where he was able to address these flaws in the treatment industry and provide tools for long-term recovery success to his clients. Born in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Matthew’s dream was always to return to his hometown of Chicago to open a treatment facility. Matthew’s two dogs, Mochi and Natron, are his special loves who can often be seen roaming the halls of CRC and cheering up everyone in their path.